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After School Programs

After School Schedule
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Did You Know?

Children and youth who participate in after school programs are more likely to:

  • Do well and are more attached to school
  • Have a healthier life style
  • Avoid risky behaviors

After school Information: 

  • Students must fill out student permission form with sponsor teacher or Ms. Esther before attending any program or activity. 
  • Students MUST sign attendance sheet for every session they attend with their sponsor. 
  • Students will meet immediately after school in the cafeteria for meal.
  • Sponsor teacher will pick them up in the cafeteria and stay with that teacher until 4:30 pm or when parent/guardian picks them up at the front of the school.
  • These programs may be cancelled due to school closure, staff absence or district practices.  School staff will advise students during morning announcements if activity is cancelled.